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New York State

Apostille Services

An apostille is a certification that certifies a document for International use for Hague Convention countries/ Authentication is for Non-Hague Convention countries. If you were to notarize a document and send it internationally, the international country wouldn't be able to verify the veracity of the notary. The Apostille Convention is part of the Hague Convention and it outlines a process of certification that allows for documents to be accepted internationally.


We offer a full Apostille Service to obtain an apostille for any of your personal or legal documents.


First, let us know which country the documents are to be used. This will help us decide if the document should have an apostille or authentication. 

Authentications require another step.


State Document or Federal Document

Certify a Birth Certificate

Divorce Certificate

Background Checks

Diploma or Transcripts

Court Documents

Personal Documents


Depending on the country and document will determine the turnaround time.


We are fortunate to have most offices within close proximity to our office so expedited processing is available.  

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